The story behind Made and Making.

Sarah has been sewing and crafting for as long as she can remember. She is never happier than when knee deep in fabric and rummaging in a box for that special button or trim to finish a project. So it was a logical conclusion to quit her insurance day job and create Made and Making.

Made and Making is her chance to share this passion and skills with others - whether with those who want to learn and develop new skills, or those that want to make their houses their homes.

"Most of us are never happier than when we are at home with friends and family. I love creating our home and I want others to enjoy the simple pleasures as much as I do. To let them get lost in a small project for a few hours, maybe more if you're lucky, and have the satisfaction of having made something that means something to you. The chance to sit down with like minded people, have fun sharing ideas and learning new ways of doing things is priceless.

We have so much around us in our homes that we can reinvent, crafting doesn't need to cost a fortune".