Art collage with Nichola Campbell


Learn to make your own beautiful collage artwork inspired by a garden paradise with flowers, birds and paths. This class will show you how to make all the elements of your artwork in combination with a variety of decorative papers, to create your own finished collage ready to hang at home.

The session begins with Nichola giving an introduction to her collage practice conveying her love for collage and the benefits of the medium. This is followed by a series of interactive demonstrations and making sessions throughout the day guiding students on each stage of the collaging process resulting in making all the elements of the finished artwork. Processes include painting and mark making, tearing and cutting, glueing and pressing. Students will be taught about composition for collage, sources of inspiration, gain an insight into art materials and various collaging techniques so that students end the day feeling both enlightened and inspired.

This workshop will encourage your creativity whilst having lots of fun with colour, shape and composition.

This workshop will be led by Nichola.

During all of our workshops photos are taken for promotional purposes only. Please make us aware at the time of booking if you would prefer not to be included.