Copy it, make it


Have you got a favourite garment in the wardrobe coming to the end of its life? Maybe it doesn't fit your shape any more? May you would like it in another colour? If so it's time to 'copy it, make it'.

During the course of this two session workshop you will learn how to take a pattern from your garment without taking it apart and then move on to making a toile to check the fit and construction.

By the end of the sessions you will have a pattern that you can make from time and time again. You will also have a fitting toile so you will be familair with the construction of the garment too - afterall your pattern does not come with written instructions this time!

Bring along an existing favourite garment that you would like to copy. (Feel free to bring more than one so that we can help you choose the best one or maybe they will be simple and you will have time to consider more than one). Basic sewing and dressmaking experience is required and please consider this when choosing your garment. You will also need 1.5-2m of pattern paper and calico. This can be supplied, just let us know when booking.

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During all of our workshops photographs are taken for promotional purposes only. Please make us aware at the time of booking if you would prefer not to be included.