Covid-19 Studio measures

We are very excited to be opening our doors again  following the easing of lockdown. We are putting in  place a selection of measures to ensure that we can all operate safely and continue to have a relaxing and enjoyable time in the sessions. Please read the following information carefully so that you know what you expect and some of the changes that we have had to make and you can watch our video at the bottom of this page too.

All students attending a workshop/session are asked to comply with the following;

  1. I have not had a cough, fever or loss of taste in the last 14 days.
  2.  I have not returned from abroad in the last 14 days (Returning  from countriues with whom we have no self isolation requirement, and as are as posted on the Govenrmenrt website (link here)  are excluded  from this)
  3. I have not been in contact with/ do not live with anyone with Covid-19 or with similar symptoms.
  4.  I am happy to bring a face covering and wear it when moving around the room or when talking to a tutor about my work.
  5. I have read and accepted the measures on reducing the risk of transmission of Covid-19 as laid out on

We are very lucky that we already have a very spacious studio with plenty of doors and windows we can open. In order to miminise the risk of transmission there are some changes;

  • Please bring your own sewing kits ; scissors, rotary cutters, tape measure, pins. unpickers, marking tools etc. We can supply items that you don't own and are happy to still provide cutting mats and patchwork rulers.
  • Please bring your own machines if at all possible.
  • Please bring an extra layer of clothing as we will be ensuring that the room is well ventilated even on cooler days.
  • We are happy to continue to offer our usual mid morning refrehsments. Only tutors are allowed in our kitchen area. Please bring your own  if you would prefer and  we will not be offended. 
  • Please bring a face covering for use moving around the room and when working close with tutor. If you don't come prepared you'll be able to buy one from us for £1. 


Only students prebooked on workshops/sessions will be admitted to the studio. You MUST BOOK in advance if you wish to attend a session.

  • On arrival at the site you will need to follow a new way of getting to us as you can see in the map. Please enter the main car park and hear to the left and some large black gates which lead into a private staff car park. You will need an entry code that will be in your REMINDER EMAIL. please check your junk folder if this does no arrive.
  • Once in the car park please park considerately in an allocated space or parallel to the side of the barn if all the spaces are full. There should be trolleys available here should you need one.
  • Please then walk to the top of the car park and around the back of the barn until you come to a wooden gate. You will need another entry code that again will be in your REMINDER EMAIL.
  • Should you have any issues with the new arrangement please call Sarah on her mobile on 07967 819540.
  • Everyone is asked to sanitise their hands after entering/re-entering the studio. Hand santisier is freely available throughout the studio. We also ask you to regularly sanitise your hands after contact with any communal items such as the irons, studio toilet facilities etc.
  • All students will have their own workspace and will be socially distanced by 1.5m. You are encouraged to remain at your workspace as much as possible and ask the tutor to bring things to you. You can of course use the ironing tables but please be mindful of others when you do.
  • We will be regularly sanitisitng all tools, workspaces and communal areas. You are requested to leave any borrowed items on your table when you leave to ensure items are not overlooked.
  • We have two entry/exit doors available if needed that students and tutors can use to help maintain social distancing. 
  • We have safety glasses which will be available for use, in addition to face coverings,  during demonstrations or when tutors and students need to work more closely.
  • Please note that sessions will need to finish promptly in order to ensure that the space can be sanitised ready for any subsequent sessions.