Dressmaking alterations


Altering clothes is a skill which can extend the life of your wardrobe or help you put one together a little cheaper.

During the course of this alterations workshop you will learn how to use a seam ripper, safely and efficiently, and understand how to look and clothes and understand the changes are needed.

Topics covered include; taking seams in and out, lifting hem lines, lifting shoulders, changing and repairing zips, changing waistbands, darts, pleats and gathers.

You will bring approx six items of clothing needing some form of alteration from the above list and you will work on these during the course of the workshop.

You will also learn some useful hand stitch techniques including invisible sewing, slip stitches and buttonholes.

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During all of our workshops photographs are taken for promotional purposes only. Please make us aware at the time of booking if you would prefer not to be included.