Felted pictures

£69 including all materials

In this workshop you will learn the wet felting process and make a unique piece of art the same time.

You will begin by laying out the wool fibres to create a flat piece of felt, but the top layer of wool you will use to create a picture. Think of it as painting with felt. You can also silks and yarns to create texture in your finished picture. The wool is perfect for blending, which means that you can get lots of depth of colour in your felt ‘painting’. The design is entirely up to you, it could be an abstract using the vast array of colours on offer, or a beautiful land/ seascape or a magnificent, bold flower or anything else you choose.

Once you have laid out your chosen design in wool, the wet felting process begins rubbing and rolling to felt the fibres together into a lasting piece of textile art. You do not have to be able to paint or draw to get fantastic results from this workshop. Feel free to bring along a picture to inspire you.