Hand crochet wreath online workshop


This wreath will look stunning on any front door or as the perfect indoor decoration. Made using hand crochet the best bit is that you do not need to already be able to crochet. We will show you the few simple steps to put this together. Just don't expect to answer the door or cook the tea whislt doing it, hand crochet means your are using your hands!

You will need 400g of wool roving in red (or any colour of your choice) and an additional 30g of white (or any colour of your choice). You may of course prefer to decorate your wreath with ribbons and bows using different materials. Pimp your wreath as much as you like just make sure you send me a pic!

We are selling preassmebled supplies packs  for this workshop HERE to save you the trouble of shopping if you prefer..

The workshop will be held over zoom which you will need to download on to your computer or tablet ahead of the event. Log in details will be sent out in the week before the event. Please ensure that your workshop is well lit so that we can help you as much as possible during the session.