Interfacing - all you need to know

£30 inc full sample set

An online class delivered live over ZOOM.

Why didn't I do this sooner! Do you get confused over all the different options, woven and non woven, light/medium/heavy, fusbible, sew in? If so this session is for you.

During this 2 hour class I will demystify  interfacing & stabilisers . I'll take you through how to make the best choices between woven and non woven, how to work with interfacings to get the best results and then we will talk through a variety of different options; their best uses and applications. You'll have a full set of Vlieseline samples as a reference posted out to you so that you can see and feel first hand as we work through the class.

This workshop is perfect for dressmakers and crafty sewists alike... we all use interfacings and understanding the options s us make the best choice for our project (and the best choice when purchasing online). We don't know what we don't know.

Whether you are just starting on your sewing journey or have been 'bluffing it' for years this workshop is for you. No matter what you choice of project/construction understanding all about interfacings and stabilisers will see your results improve.

This workshop is led by Sarah.