Knitted block of the month


This regular sessions are for competent beginners or intermediate knitters in which you will develop and enhance your skills. 

You can attend the sessions in isolation or you can block book.In each of these sessions you will learn a new stitch and make a square which can be put together into a blanket which can be your own choice of size. 

You may wish to add to the sessions or only complete a selection of them.

Sessions run on a regular slot and will continue through into 2018. 

Blocks for the current twelve months starting October 2017 are;

1 Lizard Lattice Simple Knit and Purl stitch pattern used in Fisherman’s Gurnsey’s. 

2 Loop stitch This pattern uses a slip stitch and yarn forward.

3 Knot Stitch Stitches knitted together and increase stitch to create raised effect. 

4 Smocking Use of cable needle to achieve a Smocking pattern. 

5 Triangle Non Stitch Lace and moss stitches used to create pattern. 

6 Snow Shoe Making stitches and then dropping them. 

 7 Fuchsia Introducing lace Stitches.

8 Bow Knot Use of slip stitch and Yarn Forward to create pattern.

9 Large Cable Use of Cable needle to create Large Cable on Rev. Stocking stitch. 

10 Corona Using lace and gathering methods.

11 Tulip Lace stitch using increase and decrease technique. 

12 Cam Cable and Drunken Sailor Intricate Pattern used on Aran Knits. 

We will complete the blanket by edging in Blackberry stitch and learn how to turn corners for a neater finish.

Please bring yarn of your choice and the corresponding needles as advised on the yarn label. We recommend DK yarn and 3.5mm needles or Aran and 4mm needles. You should purchase 5 x 100g balls if you wish to complete a 12 square blanket.

These sessions are led by Julie.

People do cancel and we do hold waiting lists. If the date you would like is full please do contact us and we can add you to the list. 

During all of our workshops photographs are taken for promotional purposes only. Please make us aware at the time of booking if you would prefer not to be included.

I am interested in alternative dates