Quilting frame and machine hire

£30 training session then £15/ hour

Queenie our quilting frame and our Juki quilting machine are all set up and waiting for you.

No more basting the layers together, no more squeezing it through the small throat of your home machine and no more wrestling to move it all in the right direction. Your quilt can be loaded onto our frame and ready to go in minutes and using our nifty grips, controlling the machine has never been easier. This is your opporunity to make your quilt your own.

After a training session on how to use both the frame and our quilting machine you can then hire both by the hour. During the training session you will be shown how to set everything up and do your own simple trouble shooting. We'll then share with you top tips on mastering various freemotion quilting styles tailored to your preferences. With time to practice you'll then be well equipped to visit and quilt at your lesiure.

Training sessions will take place in small group sizes so that you have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get some hands on experience.  

Once you've attended a training session you will then be free to book slots to hire queenie.

TRAINING - Please click the flower logo to the right to see available sessions.

HIRE - We recommend that you book a minimum of 2 hours to allow for time to load your project on to the frame. Please use the for below to contact us with your preferred times.

Book a 1-2-1 session or hire Queenie by the hour