Quilling - something else to become addicted to.

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When Diana joined us to teach quilling I have to admit that I wasn't really sure where it would go. I knew of the craft and had been gifted a free starter kit which has sat in my cupboard for some time. After attending one of Diana's sessions last month I've now got quite a love for this gentle little craft.

June 2017-01

Equipped with my quilling tool and some rather ordinary looking strips of coloured paper we set about making some tight and loose coils and then learnt how to shape them with our fingers into petals. There are boards out there that can help you with the shaping but, with all our workshops, we like to keep the need to buy lots of stuff to a minimum. We do our best to show the proper techniques and leave you to decide if you want to invest in the gadgets.


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After creating petals and flowers we moved on to leaves, stalks and some really fab top tips for borders which were so simple I couldn't belive that I didn't already know them. The results from our couple of hours were some lovely cards. A great starting point to learn a skill and come home with something.

June 2017-05  
June 2017-10

It occurred to me what a great holiday craft this would be as the strips and tool take up no room. It would be very easy to sit on  a plane or balcony with a glass of wine and prepare quite a number of shapes ready for any project. I also hadn't quite appreciated how many different colours of strips there are available, daft really given that they are just paper after all. Colour and cost really appeal to me as it's another great craft that's cheap and allows you play endlessly with colour. A quick peek on pinterest and I've already found a few to think about this summer....

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