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  1. Day two started with our very own alterations challenge. Completely voluntary it was a great way to  kickstart the second day. In return for a fabulous Made and Making voucher the challenge was to reinvent the pillowcase any way you wanted using  anything from our onsite haberdashery or free stash table. Retreat leaders had to hide in one corner so as to maintain complete anonymity. Very hard to pick a winner.

    Photo 12-02-2017, 9 57 47 am

    Knowing that we were over half way through did something to the speed of sewing but we still found time for plenty of fun.


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    With a quick tea and cake stop at 3,  by 3:30pm the machines stopped and the big clear up began. All the projects came down to the main area so that everyone could see quite what had been achieved. Then is was time for a class photo and some sad goodbyes. 

    It was so heart warming over the course of the whole weekend to see how a simple activity such as sewing could bring people together. How being amongst a community of like minded people spurred people to overcome their worries, complete those long forgotten projects and take time for themselves from busy lives. its fair to say that everyone went away having had a marvellous time, they laughed, they ate and in between they did a little sewing. What better way to spend 48 hours.

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  2. When I arrived on the morning of the 11th Feb and entered the room my heart sank, no electrics at the tables. I should not have worried. The electrician was yet to arrive and the whole weekend was going to be the most amazing success. We really couldn't have hoped for more.

    The goody bags were ready and the room was set....

    Photo 11-02-2017, 09 04 39  Photo 11-02-2017, 09 02 14





    ... and in no time at all our wall of fame was complete and sewing madness has arrived.

    Day one-15  Photo 12-02-2017, 1 10 55 pm

    Throughout the two days there were helpful hint demonstrations on a variety of topics chosen by the group on arrival. Invisible zips were inserted, continuous bias binding made and decorative twin need techniques demonstrated.

    Photo 11-02-2017, 2 39 37 pmPhoto 12-02-2017, 10 17 48 am

    Meanwhile the range of completed projects was quietly growing with dressmaking, patchwork, crafting and cutting (lots of cutting) underway. Two ladies were having a 'liberty' lay-out with oodles and oodles of squares and rectangles being prepared for quilts. That took a lot of the first day as did Tricia cutting out her belly dancing outfit!

    Photo 11-02-2017, 3 48 49 pm  Photo 11-02-2017, 3 48 57 pm  Photo 11-02-2017, 2 05 39 pm

    The morning flew and it was time for a break and a lovely buffet lunch. Recharged for the afternoon there was more to be accomplished.

    Photo 11-02-2017, 2 03 01 pm Photo 11-02-2017, 4 23 10 pm Photo 12-02-2017, 1 50 53 pm

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