Patchwork with Carolyn Forster


We are delighted to be welcoming renowned patchwork tutor Carolyn Forster to Made and Making in 2020.

Carolyn has written numerous books and appeared on our screens on such channels as Sewing Quarter sharing her skills. Now is your chance to meet and learn form the expert in the comfort of the Made and Making studio.

During the year she will be running three workshops with ourselves and the details can be seen below. Each workshop is totally different so there are skills and technqiues a plenty to learn.

Please see below for the  projects and then scroll down further to full details on each session. 

14th February Quilt as you go envelope quilt.

8th October Strips and strings -techniques galore

4th December One patch quilt Y seams & houses

Friday 14th February - Quilt as you go envelope quilt

This fun technique makes double sided patches that are either hand or machine quilted before stitching together into a quilt. It is an extremley versatile technique as it allows you to create coasters, placemats, quilts and more.

Using a technique whereby you stitch and stuff then quilt before stitching them together the finished items can be bound for extra stability or left without.

Joing Carolyn for a day of a different kind of quilt making.

You need to bring

  • 81 x 10' squares or 2 x layer cakes or 324 x 5" sqaures  (This would make a finished quilt 60 x 60 but you can of course downsize this if you wish).
  • 81 x 6. 25 inch sqaures of wadding
  • 1/2 meetre of farbic. You will be cutting 6 x 2.5 inch strips from the width of the fabric to join into a continious length.
  • Sewing thread to blend
  • Thicker thread for optional decorative joining of the blocks (Aurifil 12 or cotton perle 8 or 12).

It may also be help to being 505 spray adhesive and a point turner if you have it.

Thursday 8th October - Strips and strings

We do not sew any particular quilt in this workshop rather we investigate various techniques and methods for working with fabric strips. Discover how easy it is to create qults like cob web, string stars and tulips, japanese stars and lanterns and many more. This day is all about new ideas and there will be a wide variety of Carlyns quilts on display for you to be inspired by.

You need to bring

  • A selection fo fabrics that you would like to work with. The more variation in colour, tone and pattern the better. A carrier bag full would be plenty depending on your speed and dont forget any discarded jelly roll strips lurking in your stash. If you wish to do some work before you attend feel free to prepare some strings/strips and prepare a selection between 1' and 2.5" wide. They do not have to be straight or long!
  • 0.5m Light weight sew-in Vilene for trying technqiues
  • 1m calcio for try out techniques
  • Friday 4th December - One patch quilt - Houses

    Using one siple shape create a cushion or quilt of houses and master that 'Y' seam! You can hand or machine piece but by using the sewing machine you will be perfecting your set-in piecing skills.

    A great, versatile project you can use yaradage or scraps and work with a street theme bringing pale neutrals for the 'road'. You may wish to bring the streets to life and embellish with embroidery creating windows, doors, chimneys and paths.

    There are also two other options for putting the shape together which need not be house themed if that's not your thing.

    You need to bring

    • 5" x 3.5" or 5" x 7.25" depending on the size of patch you wish to cut. The larger the pieces are the easier the 'setting in' is.
    • If you have one a EZ companion angle (by Darlene Zimmerman) but dont worry we can mark a normal 6.5"
    • Thread to tone
    • 1/4 inch foot without the side bar if you have one.