This is all about looking at things differently, thinking about reusing, recycling and repurposing.

The humble pillowcase can vary in size but a standard pillowcase is somewhere around 73cm by 50cm (29” x 19.5”). Given that the average fabric roll is 120-140cm wide that's half a metre of fabric in one pillowcase. It seems more useful now that we know that doesn't it.

Odd pillowcases can be found in most laundry cupboards and charity shops... lets give them a new lease of life.

We'd love for you to get creative and show us what you've made by using Instagram and tagging us, @madeandmaking, and using the hashtag, #pillowcasechallenge. 

To start you off here are some downloadable tutorials for

Everyday shopping bag

Handy apron

Slouch bag

Drawstring/rucksack bag

Other ideas for reusing pillowcases include;

  1. Create a sweet dress for a little girl in your life, again with a few cuts and stitches
  2. Use it for washing the delicate items in your washing machine rather than buying a special bag. You don’t need to do anything more than wrap an elastic band around the top to prevent things falling out.
  3. Cotton ones make for great dusters and shoe polish cloths
  4. If it has a pretty print on it why not use it to wrap one of those presents with a tricky shape. A pretty floral print and a nice piece of ribbon can look great and it can be used or recycled by it’s new owner too!
  5. Use them to line small indoor waste paper baskets. They can look a little smarter lining the bin than that orange supermarket carrier bag.
  6. Make a handy gift wrap storage bag by sewing several compartments along the length of the pillowcase and slipping in your gift wrap rolls. It will stop them all unrolling.
  7. Make a chew toy for your dog by rolling it lengthways and then adding a few knots into it.


Lets inspure each other to think differently about everyday things.