Private Tuition

Sometimes a workshop just isn't the answer. The times might not suit, the topics might not suit or perhaps you just find a smaller environment better. Maybe you would like to learn in a small group with family or friends. We can cater in all these situations.

We can help you in a private session whether you are a beginner or more accomplished and we can offer sessions in the majority of our disciplines.

Sessions can take place at one of our locations at a time to suit you. We suggest that a minimum of 1.5 hours is booked for a starter session as it is amazing how quickly time can pass, especially if we need to set anything up. One session may be all you need or you  may then prefer to have a regular slot.

Our prices are below and if you would like to get in touch please email us with details of what you would like to cover and with an idea of your availability. We can then check our scheudles and get back to you.


No of people  cost/hr
1 person £30
2 people £40
3 people £50







Private tuition enquiry