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Patterns for purchase

A small selection of simple sewing tutorials that you can try at home

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£6 charge

Grab yourself a copy of our pattern and handout and make your own at home.

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£6 charge

Fab patchwork cushion with full instructions for a professionally inserted beautiful lap zip back.

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£6 charge

Keep your blocks neat and tidy in this fab little project. 

Our top sewing tips series

We're posting lots of lovely top tips on our social media pages but if you are not 'in that world' then click here to see one and you can find the rest on our You Tube channel.


*NEW* Video Tutorial - How to make a hidden zip tote

You'll need;

Fabric for the front and back 13" x 15" (1 of each), Lining fabric above the zip 13" x 2" (2), Lining fabric below the zip 13" x 14" (2),  Fabric for the side of the zips 12" x 2" (4), Zip tab 3.5" x 2" (1), 14" zip and webbing for the handles. You may like to watch the video first before making your choices. 

Sweet wrapper pouch

You'll need;

Sweet wrapper

iron on vinyl (see below),

fabric for the lining

 a zip.

Vlieseline lamifix gloss

£5.25 per metre inc 1st class postage and packing. (45cm wide)

  1. Place the Lamifix with the glossy side facing up on the right side of the fabric.
  2. First iron lightly, then cut to exact measurements.
  3. Then cover with a dry cloth and press firmly for about 8 seconds.
  4. Allow to cool completely.

Important: Wipe with a damp cloth only - do not wash.

How to make a face covering

You'll need;

2 x 7" squares of fabric (or 7.5" squares for the larger size)

2 x 8" length of elastic, I use 3mm elastic

How to make a turban knot headband

You'll need;

4 x fabric for the outside 13"w x 14" tall (lge) or 8" x 8" (sml) and 4 x fabric for the lining in the same size.

Zipper 12" (lge) or 7" (sml)

Optional for the lge : Magnetic fastening,  2 x 1" of 1" wide cotton tape and 2 x 1" d ring

How to make a dual pocket pouch/bag

You'll need;

2 x strips of fabric 5" wide by 22" long

1 x wadding 5" wide by 22" long (optional)

How to make a credit card/loyatly card wallet

You'll need;

2 x fabric for the outside 5 1/4" wide x 3 3/4" tall, 2 x fabric for the lining the same

1 x fabric for the outside 1 3/4" wide x 2 3/4" tall, 1 x fabric for the lining the same

7" zipper, 5 1/2" ribbon and 10" of binding.

How to make a bucket hat

You'll need to download the pattern which is based on a 22" head measurement, a standrd one size fits all measurement.  For larger, or smaller, head sizes you could scale up but remember that you may not wish to increase/decrease the depth of the band and brim.

How to make a hand sanitiser pouch

We are carrying it whereever we go and we need to have it easy to use.... this little pouch can attach to your bag for easy access.

Cutlery roll - using your quilting bar

For your picnics and your socially distanced reunions... use the same techniques for make up rolls, crochet hook rolls or pencil rolls. I'll show you how ot use your quilting bar to make one but dont worry if you havent got one of those... You can just mark on the pocket stitch lines  manually.

Laptop Sleeve

You are going to need fabric for the inside and outside of the sleeve,  some wadding, felt or something to add a bit of padding and a zip.

Full details on how to calcuate the size are included in the tutorial.

Fabric flowers

You are going to need  5 circles of fabric  (5-6" in diameter), some large buttons, some felt, a pipe cleaner or garden wire, a needle and some thread.

Sliding pencil case

I've been wanting to make one of these for ages. So after playing around and fine tuning my thoughts it's here to share. Have fun


Crochet layered flower

You're going to need ideally 3 different tones/shades or colours. Hook to match the weight of your yarn. 


Super simple patchwork mat/coaster

With the warmer weather you amy now be enjoying eating alfresco so why not make some simple mats for the garden table.

You will need;

5 x 10" squares and possibly a 10" sqaure of of wadding or felt to go in the middle, but this is optional.

Bag organiser

Ever carried around a big shopping bag, or a simple tote, and lost your keys and phones in those hidden depths? Yep I've been there too and this nifty 10 minute make will save you hours of searching.

You will need;

Pretty much any decent size fabric scraps work but during this tutorial I reference a size 10" tall by 7" wide. Plus a couple of pieces or ribbon or tape approx 6" and some poppers.

Fabric Baskets

A brilliantly simple project with a multitude of uses. I've used them at home to store fabric scrapss, tissues, cover a pen pot, hold cutlery and napkins on a garden table and cover a less loved plant pot.

You will need;

Pretty much any decent size fabric scraps work but during this tutorial I reference a size 12" tall by 8" wide.

Sewing with vinyl

Would you like to know the best ways for sewing with Vinyl? Even if  you don't buy the vinyl brand new you'll be amazed at how much vinyl packaging there is that you can repurpose. Garden covers, bedding and lots more are often packaged in vinyl wrapping these days.

You will need;

1 x 10" zip (or a onger one that you can shorten, vinyl 11" x 14" & 3 pieces of fabric - 6" x 11", 4" x 11" and 4" x 5".

Optional; prym popper, normal popper, D ring or lobster clasp

How to sew a snap pouch

Remember those purses from your childhood, the ones where when you squeezed the sides they popped open? Well this is a bigger better version and unlike other tutorials out there this one has no raw edges on the inside, it's as neat as neat can be.

You will need;

Fabric & wadding 10" x 16" for the outside, 2 pieces 9" x 10 inches for the inside and top casing. one peice 2.5" x 4.5" for the tab clip loop. two squares 4.5" x 4.5" for the prairie points, 2 pieces of interfacing 9" x 2" and two pieces of old tape measure (ideally 1" wide) 8" long.

Hairband tutorial

You may have read, or heard, that some frontline workers are now suffeirng from sore ears from constantly wearing their masks. It seems that a hairband with buttons sewn on is a good solution. So with this in mind I have revisited an old Childrens's workshop project and upsized it. So here's a quick video tutorial.

You will need; 

14cm of elastic (1-2cm wide), two pieces of fabric 39.5cm x 8cm, two pieces of fabric 27.5cm x 4.5cm, 2 large buttons

Two zipped purse

This tutorial takes you through the steps to make a nify little two zipped pouch.. perfect for anything. Aimed at beginners upwards.

REMEMBER that if your zip is way too long, and a plastic coil zip,  you can just sew over the end and chop off the excess.

How to sew faux leather purse

Follow me step by step as I show you how to sew a simply zipped purse in faux leather. You can of course sew this is any normal fabric using the same steps. I include top tips on working with zips and how to understitch your lining so that your zip remains snag free. For those that are lucky enought to visit the studio there is a little guest star appearance at the end so don't turn off too soon!

Drawstring bags for Medical Staff

To reduce the risks of contamination medical staff are now bringing their uniform home in a bag to put it straight in the wash at 60 degrees.

If you would like to make a drawstring bag that medial staff can use to bring thier uniform home in and place it straight in the wash then watch this short video with step by step instuctions. There is a downloadable project sheet too.... just click here. Please use cotton material that is suitable for washing at 60 degrees.


All kits include 1st class P&P

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Show your own identity.  With full alphabet templates you can say exactly what you want ; your name, your favourite band or you favourite slogan.  Use our easy template  technique to get fab results.

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Stunning decorations all year round made using over 70 different Liberty of London tan lawn fabrics. 

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Containing 100% of what you need bar your sewing machine and thread! Far easier than you might think and creates a stunning gift that can be popped in the post with ease. Includes clear detailed handout and a video tutorial.

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All you need to simply stitch your very own rainbow including an oversized darning needle. Ages 7years +, please note this will not be suitable for the very young memebrs without adult supervision. Keep them learning those life skills.

Sewing Projects

A small selection of simple sewing tutorials that you can try at home

Example image

FREE  - An oversized pincuhsion just like the ones in our studio

Example image

FREE - To comfort at night or relieve aches and pains. 

Example image

FREE - The perfect way to save on all that extra plastic.

Example image

FREE - Complete with a cheeky little lobster clasp clip too.

Example image

FREE - Perfect project for an odd orphaned pillowcase

Example image

FREE - PE kit, sleepover, washing or porject bag!

Crochet Projects

Example image

FREE - Back in May 2018 I had the pleasure of making this colour loving blanket for the BBC programme DIY SOS. 

Example image

FREE - Cheeky crochet heart pattern to mkae your own romantic garland.

Example image

FREE - A simple perfect  poppy pattern.

Example image

FREE - With a little tweaking these can be cats, bears and lots lots more.

Example image

FREE - make your own summer crochet garland, mix and match those colours!

Example image

Perfect for a bit of crochet or face mask ties. 

Other Projects

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FREE - Environmentally friendly alternative to clingfilm.