Textile Art 3 day school with Ellie Hipkin


Learn to paint, then mono print with real plants and flowers and finally add free motion embroidery, adding depth and texture to your picture. You will create your own original piece of textile art through printing and embroidery techniques.

Ellie Hipkin is a Brighton based textile artist producing artwork which is a mix of textile painting with mono printing and free motion embroidery. Her artwork is inspired by nature from coastal to landscapes and she uses nature's calming colours, shapes and patterns within her work. 

In the 3 day school Ellie is offering an in depth course where you will learn and experiment with all 3 elements of her art to produce a large final piece of work (40cm x 40cm)

Session 1 - will be about exploring and experimenting, using mono printing with real plants and objects to create mark making and painting techniques on practice pieces. This will be a playful session and a chance to try different ideas. Ellie will provide textile paints, plants and objects to print with and fabric to experiment on.

Session 2 - You will begin to work on your final piece considering the techniques learnt in the first session. Ellie will be on hand to advise and show some of her artwork for inspiration. The session will end with an explanation of free motion embroidery to think about for next time.

Session 3 - In this session you will be adding the free motion embroidery to your artwork. It is also possible to add applique and hand embroidery if you wish. We will finish viewing all the finished pieces and Ellie will show ideas for framing your work.

 This 3 day course is all about having fun and being expressive through the medium of textiles and creating you own piece of original art. 

We would recommend bringing an apron.

If you wish to bring your own machine please ensure that you are familiar with how to drop the feed dog and bring some spare bobbins. You will also need a a freemotion embroidery foot, also known as darning foot, (these will be available on the day to borrow if you do not have one). Please bring your manual if you are in any doubt.

This workshop is being led by Ellie

During all of our workshops photographs are taken for promotional purposes only. Please make us aware at the time of booking if you would prefer not to be included.